• Restauracja W Starej Kuchni
  • Restauracja W Starej Kuchni
  • Restauracja W Starej Kuchni
  • Restauracja W Starej Kuchni
  • Restauracja W Starej Kuchni

"W Starej Kuchni" ("In the Old Kitchen") Restaurant is placed at Tomasza 8 Street (just about 3 minutes walk from the Main Square).
What we want to offer you is a wide range of delicious, traditional Polish cuisine with great collection of Georgian wines, Polish beers and vodkas.

In our restaurant you can experience a magical culinary trip starting with traditional, rosemary-smoked tartar, through delicious Polish soups, like mushroom soup, sour soup served with white sausage and hard-boiled egg - up to main dishes like pork knuckle roasted in honey and beer, black pudding with onion, delicious pierogi with different kinds of stuffing, pork chop with meat and mushroom stuffing and many other, not only Polish dishes ...


Example proposals from our menu. Full menu is available to download as .pdf file

Feast in old kitchen
Shall be prepared according
to your disposal and served
for least 4 persons


Pork chop from stove
prepared with mushroom, fried egg and roasted cheese,
served with mashed potatoes
and pickled cucumbers

Decent portion of
pork ribs
prepared with a hint of spicy peppers
or prepared in honey and garlic,
served with roasted potatoes
or french fries

Pork knuckle
roasted in honey and garlic

proposed with pickled cucumber, potato thalers and home-made mustard

Decent portion of delicious three meats grilled with garlic, onion
and mushrooms, served with potato with rosemary and pickled cucumber

Maciej’s crunchy potato pancakes
prepared from hand-grated potatoes,
served with pork goulash or real mushrooms sauce

Especially recommended
Polish Plate
with key dishes of polish cuisine: white and dark sausage, three kinds of dumplings, bigos, pork chop, potato pancake with goulash
and tasty roasted potato in garlic - cream sauce. Dish is recommended for one person.

XXL Pork Shashlik
is prepared from best pieces of pork meat, layered with smoked bacon, onion and peppers, served with roasted potatoes and salad

We invite you for lunch to the restaurant from Monday to Friday from 12.00 till 18.00

 Set I
• Spinach soup with green peas
• Poultry liver with apple and onion served with potatoes and salad

Set II
• Cottage hen broth with noodles
• Pork chop with mashed potatoes and young cabbage

• Polish Cooler
• Hake in pancake pastry served with potato from stove and sauerkraut

Set IV
• Tomato cream with blot of cottage cream
• Pork-veal schitzel served with mashed potatoes and carrot with green peas

Set V
• Polish Cooler from green cucumber with radish petals
• Boiled hen breast with vegetables bouqet

Set VI
• Soup of the day
• Dish of the day

For each set we’ll give you home-made fruit compote
Price for each set 17,90 zł

Lunch “Premium”

soup of your choice, main course and dessert

Set 1

• Soup to choose
• Ribs roast in the oven with golden potato thalers

Set 2

• Soup to choose
• Knuckle baked in honey and garlic, served with potato thalers and pickled cucumber

Set 3

• Soup to choose

• de Volaille served with french fries and salad

Set 4

• Soup to choose
• Minute strip steak with fried egg, chips and salad

Price for each set 26,00 zł


Restauracja W Starej Kuchni
31-014 Kraków, ul. ¶w. Tomasza 8

+48 12 428 00 22

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For "Karta na plus" holders:
First visit: order a main dish from the menu and other in the same
or lower price you will receive with 50% discount
Another visit: 10% discount. Applies to a la carte.